Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Vietnam Tunnels Photos

While we hope to say more about our thoughts about the vietnam war from visiting the country, for now I want to share some photos from the tours we did to the tunnel areas.

On the first tour we visited the main Cao Dai temple, which is a unique religion in vietnam that fuses elements from many popular religions, most noticeably christianity and buddhism. They have a really wild temple.

On the same day, we visited some truly tiny tunnels used by Cu Chi guerillas who sympathized with the north, at the same time the south was 'secured' by the American army. These guerillas lived in the villages during the day, and fought from these tunnels at night. The Americans could not tell who in the villages was a guerilla.

A few photos from these sites are here:

Later on in central vietnam, we visited the DMZ area, which of course was anything but demilitarized for a lot of the war. The main surviving attraction is the Vinh Moc tunnels, which many vietnamese lived in for months at a time, contributing to the north vietnamese side strategically. These tunnels are bigger than Cu Chi, but you have to remember they were lived in for extended periods. I kept looking for the underground "rooms," but there were only small enclaves (like, maybe the size of 2 dishwashers) off of the main tunnel, and places where the tunnel got slightly wider for meetings. There are also a couple of photos in this set from a new museum at Doc Mieu firebase which you may remember from the war effort under Lyndon Johnson.

Here are these photos, with captions:


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