Thursday, April 13, 2006

The most hilarious non-adrenaline activity

It's called ZORBing. No, you don't think you are going to die as you might in bungee jumping or skydiving, which are both very popular here in New Zealand, at least for tourists.

You see, kiwis have invented this huge clear vinyl ball. It's actually two balls, an inner and outer one, with thin bungee cords and inflated air in between. The outer layer ball is maybe 12 feet in diameter, the inner one more like 8.

so, what do they do with these strange things? Stuff you inside and roll you down a big hill, of course!! There is a way to strap a person to the inside. But there's more! The really fun way to do this is not to be strapped inside at all. See, the genius thing to do is just hop in (there's a little hole you can squeeze through, then they zip it shut), and have them dump a bunch of water in. Better yet, make that warm water! Instant washing machine! As you're careening down this hill, you're sliding around inside this huge ball, totally unable to control your orientation.

but wait, there's even more! What can make this even funnier? Add a person you know and love to the same ball! This way you are both flopping around uncontrollably in warm water as this huge ball rolls down the hill, for what seems like 5 minutes but is probably more like 45 seconds.

You may have guessed that Tiffany and I had the chance to try this craziness together. For right now, the place to do it is Rotorua, in the north island of New Zealand. It's right near the Agrodome which I plan to talk about in another post. There is some talk that they will be opening a ZORB operation in the smoky mountains in tennessee. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend it! We have the photos:


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This is so funny! Of course, you had to do it! Looks like fun. Heather

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