Sunday, February 05, 2006

Indian Trains

This photo doesn't really fit anywhere else, but I wanted to post it to show what an indian train is like:

Items to note are: The versatility of the sari (pod woman sleeping), the open-ness of the train car (no private cabins at all), the triple-stack facing accomodations (there is a second level that folds up above the pod woman, the gentlemen facing each other are in a higher class that is only a 2-stack), lots of blue vinyl, and tiffany's feet resting on the pod's bunk. It is not considered polite to put your feet on the floor because it is viewed as dirty.


Anonymous John & Mary Sabol said...

I am happy to see you are enjoying India even though as you say, you experienced he dark side.

Take care and travel safe.

John & Mary Sabol

5:51 PM  

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