Sunday, January 08, 2006

Many new Photos!

Hi Folks, we found a good internet cafe here in goa, so I am now able to bring you some photos we have been waiting to post. There are 3 new galleries. The galleries will open in a new window so you can just close the window to come back here.

First, a gallery from our new year's eve celebration that I described in a previous post:
Please click here:

Second, a short gallery from my "UnBirthday" celebration described previously by Tiffany:
Please click here:

Finally, a little bigger gallery of Munnar, the mountainous tea-centric area we just left a couple of days ago, including some pictures from the tea factory/museum and a hike we did. Please note this gallery is 2 pages, I have a link for the second page as well:

Please click here:
and here:

it's a very beautiful landscape up there.

We're happy to be in Goa and will hope to post some photos and impressons from here before too long. Cheers!


Anonymous Jack and Fran said...

Hi, Tiffany & Andy. It may be tea season there but it's Penn State and Pittsburgh Steeler season here. Your dad, Jack, and Jim Gabriel have been glued to the TVs.

We had an assistant pastor from Goa: Fr. Agnelo Gomes. He is a very pleasant person who speaks excellent English. He is taking about 10 St. Pius people to Goa next month.

Andy, how do you like "The World is Flat"? Jack is just finishing it. He says it's fascinating.

We wish you good travels and lots of cold colas (Nancy's knows how necessary they are!) along the way. Happy New Year to both of you.
Jack and Fran

4:50 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Fran and Jack,

it is great to hear from you. We can sure imagine the men around the TV for these games. The world is flat is stunning and alarming in many ways, it is interesting to read while we are in India because some of the economic changes in the world have to do with this country.

But we're relaxing and having a good time and not worrying about that stuff too much!

Best Wishes,

Andy and Tiffany

2:42 AM  

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