Monday, December 26, 2005

Er.... what?

Hello All,

we hope you had a great christmas. A couple of our christmas presents were a 4 hour bus ride followed by a 12 hour train ride, but we arrived happy and we're now on the opposite coast of southern india!! We're in a place called Fort Cochin that was long held by the British, prior to their colonization of India. This is in the state of Kerala which encompasses most of the western coastline in the southern part of india. The title of this post is due to the train station we arrived in, which is called ... Er... Ernakulam. not the easiest name to tell people you are getting off at and be sure that you understand when the Ernakulam station is coming up! Fortunately we met some very nice indians on the train ride and they helped us out.

If you look at this map, we are essentially where it is labeled Mattancheri, out on the long outer peninsula:

we're distilling some impressions of our train and bus travels along with our new town and we'll post some more soon. We expect to be here for several days.

Holiday Cheers from both of us!


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