Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We are here!


After leaving Seattle mid-day Tuesday, we had a very long day with a 9.5
hour flight and 17 hour time change across the international date line
flying to Narita airport near Tokyo in Japan, we flew in a Boeing 777. We
stayed in the international terminal for a couple of hours while we waited
for our flight to bankgok, tiffany slept and I bought a japanese sour
gummy grapefruit and sour gummy lemon to eat. We had an additonal 2 hour
time change to bangkok, we were again flying united but this time in a
747-400, this flight was about 6.5 hours. We arrived in bangkok at about
11:30pm local time but the airport was still very busy at this hour. we
had to navigate around the official looking but "expensive" taxi stands to
the "real" taxi line, then were able to take a taxi quite a distance to
our guest house for 210 baht.

our room is very nice with air conditioning and hot water provided by a
small in-line hot water machine, it works very well. we have a private
bathroom and a small safe in our room. after we woke up this morning we
went to breakfast just a few hundred meters down the street at a small
restaraunt that specializes in fried flatbread. we each had a dish of
mosseman curry, which is sweet but not too hot, a flatbread, and each had
a stuffed veggie flatbread which was very good. tiffany had a passionfruit
juice and I had a sweet iced coffee. this was a great breakfast for us
because we were very hungry. portions were small but we got to try lots
of things, and our total bill was around $4.50 US.

I am sure we will not have this much detail for all of our travels but
hopefully it is fun for you guys to hear about our trip and arrival.

Best wishes!

Tiffany and Andy


Blogger diederichm said...

Thanks for blogging your trip. This will be fun to keep track of what you're up to and experiencing. Hopefully you can upload pics as well!

12:22 PM  

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