Saturday, December 17, 2005


We wanted to let everyone know a little about what we have been doing. We have been "relaxing" in bangkok (if that is possible in such a busy city) for the last couple of days, trying not to overdo things. The street vendors have such an amazing variety of food, mid day today we bought some coconut custard cups that were just amazing. fresh squeezed tangerine juice and too many other items to mention are available everywhere. the guidebook says something about how far you can be from a restaruant in bangkok, it seems like the maximum distance you could be away from one is about 10 feet, counting the street vendors. We spent yesterday visiting some of the major temples and hope to have some photos up soon, but it is a challenge to find a computer with a DVD reading drive even though internet cafes are everywhere (!). We will be flying out to Chennai tomorrow morning so we have been trying to arrange everything for that. Not too much time right now but we will post more info later. We at least have our cell phone sorted out so we hope it will be easy to buy prepaid cards in India as well.


Blogger jskalet said...

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Blogger jskalet said...

thanks for the update, it's great to follow along. love dad

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WoW ! What a trip....We are enjoying your updates. The pics are great and the stories better.

Travel safe and keep in touch....

John & Mary Sabol

7:23 PM  

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