Thursday, April 20, 2006

what an animal

Some of you know Tiffany's weakness for cuteness. but we're not talking babies here. We're talking animals. But not really dogs, for example. And neither wild zebras. Really, farm animals. Well, we came to the right place here in New Zealand. They have so many. Sheep, of course. But also a variety of cows (including a shaggy scottish breed), Tiffany's favorite the goats, and also llamas and alpacas, along with ostriches and emus. The even have the kuni-kuni, an odd variety of pig that is the first mammal brought to NZ!

We had a couple of different experiences with all of these animals. First, we went to "The Agrodome" near Rotorua, which is an agricultural exhibition tourist attraction, and they have a farm tour where they take you around and show you various plants and animals, but you get to feed some of the animals, which is really fun. Tiffany looked like herself in a little picture she has from when she was about 6 years old at a petting zoo!

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The other opportunity we had was in Queenstown, at the "deer park" which offers guided tours but you can also drive yourself through the animal park and buy food from several dispensers. Imagine several very large animal enclosures draped across some foothills, and you have an idea. There were just about all the animals we had seen before, but we also got to feed the aforementioned kuni-kuni, get up close with the scottish shaggy cows, and practically give the deer a hug! All in all, an unusual tourist experience but one I really enjoyed as well!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about cute! That is the cutest picture of Andy ever with the goat!!! I loved it, thank you for the animal pictures--it looks like you had so much fun!
Love, Wendy

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