Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Only in Asia...

After visiting eight countries in Southeast Asia, Andy and I are well-versed in the region's beauties and eccentricities. And though cultural divides abound, some things, no matter where, no matter how bizarre, are exactly the same. Here's a fun a list we kept evoling in our journals along the way as hilarious parallels hit us. We laughed over them during our last nights in Bangkok and were surprised by how long the list was, as this is even edited. I'm not sure we'll miss a lot of these particulars, but hearing, seeing, smelling or experiencing them in North America will transport us back to Asia in a sensory minute for certain.

You know you're in Asia when...

1) Men have really long nails

2) Garbage trucks play Christmas carols when they back up~> read more


3) Restaurants are brigher than your hotel room

4) The vegetarian menu includes pork

5) You check your ATM receipt and discover you have 83 million whatsits in our account. Sadly, not dollars but dong, kyat, rupee, kip, baht, rupiah or riel

6) Potato chips are flavored "Nori Seaweed" and "Shrimp Paste"

7) You go to the bathroom in a restaurant and run into the pet duck and pet chicken...all three of which are located in direct proximity to the kitchen

8) Whitening creams are far more readily available than sunscreen

9) Watching your step means avoiding open fires burning in the street, whether as reverence to Buddha or as charcoal braziers browning up someone's meat dinner

10) Every drink, in every restaurant or mini-market, is served with a straw and if for some reason it's forgotten, mortal embarrassment and face-saving ensues

11) Mirrors hit you at chest level or below

12) Scaffolding is made out of bamboo

13) The smell of fish sauce permeates the air

14) You're riding on public transportation and a sign across a prime row of chairs reads "Reserved for Monks"

15) Everything in your room is ceramic tile -- the floor, the bathroom, the hallway, the patio ... and your bed feels like it is too!

16) A "kitchen sprayer" near the toilet is considered toilet paper

17) Buddha drinks electric red Fanta with a straw -- judging by all of the altars and offerings we saw, it appear he prefers this over Coke and Pepsi

18) "Massage?" is synonymous with "Hello!"

19) Restaurants use their national airlines' silverware as utensils -- we had the pleasure eating with the cutlery of Air India, Thai Airlines, Lao Airlines, Spice Jet, Vietnam Airlines, Yangon Air and Bangkok Airways on the ground instead of the air

20) The flavors of McDonald's pies are Pineapple, Corn, and Taro


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i love this part of the blog, transmits a true feeling of being with you. we miss you!!!! john/dad

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