Sunday, February 12, 2006

All Quiet on the SE Asian Front

We landed in Bangkok at 5:00am and thought maybe it just seemed quiet because it was early morning. After flying all day through Delhi, Bombay and Chennai and then all night to Bangkok, Andy and I crashed...figuring the noise of Bangkok around our guesthouse would wake us up.


After the din, decibels, clatter and chaos that is India, Thailand is tame and our senses are imploring us for a little more stimulation. Bangkok seems a bit boring to them!

We walk down a street and no pack of moustached men accost us for rickshaw rides, there's one variety of horn and many taxis are too polite to even use it, no cute kid deviously sells primitive drums to dumb Westerners on every corner, and no cows graze the streets.

This reverse culture shock is madness...but in lovely, relaxing way!

Plus Seven-Eleven is everywhere! And I don't even like slurpees. But, somehow, just knowing it's there is comforting, not to mention the fact they play their "muzak" so quietly we barely register the Thai version of "With or Without You".

So, what do you do in this situation? Savor it. Literally and figuratively. Bangkok is our haven post-India and a delicious change of pace. Pad Thai without a side of ear plugs is quietly rocking our world!


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