Friday, January 13, 2006

Typical Day in Goa

AM-ish: Wake up, marvel at stiffness of Indian beds, then run out to see the ocean from front porch of our safari tent.

AM-ish: Determine where to go for coconut pancakes (more like a crepe with freshly-toasted coconut), mixed fruit with curd (plain yogurt) and ginger milk tea. Andy occasionally rolls the dice and goes for a Western breakfast of fried eggs, spiced potatoes and toast, but I am very predictable.

Early PM: Slather selves with sunscreen for beach; SPF 50 for me, SPF 30 for Andy. Pack up beach bag with our Indian-themed reading, "The God of Small Things" for me, "The World is Flat" for Andy.

PM: Body surf, walk the beach, read, say no to beach sellers of Indian wares, constantly answering the following: "Where you from? You want henna? You just looking, looking my things?"

Later PM: Decide where to watch the sun set. Sometimes at beach-side restaurants with glass of chai in hand, sometimes just us, close to the water enjoying the colors. Watch the sun slide into the haze of the sea, usually a flare pink orb that turns the water lavender ten minutes later.

Later PM: Commute to tent for showering off of the salt, mulling over dinner options and cravings. Maybe wash some clothes in shower bucket and hang to dry. Seafood? Tandoori? Italian? The place with the cool atmosphere? Um, which one -- they're all so cool! Perfume selves with Deet.

Late: Indecisive pair decides upon dinner, with tandoori and atmosphere being the strongest indicators of choice. Andy is sampling chicken tikka masala up and down the Goan coast. I savor variations on a vegetarian theme, and of course, ask if they have the "berbinca" (local coconut cake) on menu for dessert. Both are partial to eating fresh naan bread while high tide laps at their bare feet.

Late-Late: Walk a bit of dinner off--explore the dark end of the beach or where the cool trance music is playing. I always see some market stall to look into and peruse the fabric slyly before having to get into major bargaining conversation. Andy is patient. See cow, goat, piggie, dog or kitty on the road and pet. Buy bottles of water for drinking and brushing teeth.

Late-Late-Late: Celebrate lack of sun burn. Look at night sky; have Andy point out Orion for the umpteenth time. Resign myself to full-time glasses wearing in near future. Marvel again at hardness of Indian beds. Sleep, thanking god for invention of the fan.


Anonymous Mary Skaret said...

Aunt Mary: Paradise!

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved your descriptions and am so glad that you saw some animals. I hope to see pictures of the sunsets soon!

Love, Wendy

2:01 PM  

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