Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sounds of Our Walk Home in Udaipur

Leaving our peaceful rooftop restaurant last night, we encountered a cacophony of sounds that we just had to share. Andy lamented we didn't have a tape recorder for all of this because it's so unbelievable; any big city will seem so tame after this!

Alas, please enjoy the harmonies of a nightly promenade in Udaipur:
  • Frenzied, high-toned music from Hindu wedding procession in street.
  • Generator whirring from hand-drawn cart to power wedding music speakers.

  • Toyota Qualis horn.
  • Joyful yelling at bridegroom in Hindi by crowd of Indian men.
  • Rickshaw horn.
  • Clip-clop of hooves on cobble.
  • Gun shots from Octopussy film screening.
  • Moped horn.
  • "Yes, please, looking in my shop" from Udaipur silver merchant.
  • "No thank you. Maybe tomorrow!" from Andy.
  • Snorting from large, powerful, mean black bull.
  • Quick steps of Western tourists moving away from the snorting.
  • "Hello! Hello!" from passing Indian child.
  • "Hello!" from Tiffany (the pathetic softie).
  • Motorcycle horn.
  • Rickshaw horn.
  • Piercing drum beat, then atonal flute sound made by Westerner in Udaipur shop while merchant applauds approvingly.
  • "Oh, Baba, please...." in crying female voice with dramatic movie background music (presumedly from dramatic Bollywood movie on tv) out second story window of family home.

  • Stray mutt dogs barking in pack.
  • Unknown horn.

  • "Phhhhheeewwwww...." -- Sigh of relief as we reach our haveli room and have fancy scalloped stucco walls somewhat shielding us from the unique clamor.


Blogger jskalet said...

i liked it, i felt like i could hear all the sounds all mixed together!! now, take us down a path of smells and then touch!

8:34 PM  

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